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RCN Internet for Business 330 Mbps


 / for 12 mos. with agreement plus standard taxes and fees and installation fee. * Available in select areas.

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Swift and reliable communications are required in today's fast paced business arena. Cloud-based applications, Point-of-Sale,  eCommerce, Website management combined with customary operations demand communications need to be reliable and fast. Business Internet with RCN offers technology needed to get connected and keep your business connected. This RCN Internet package delivers up to 330 Mbps download speeds for immediate response time. Customers and guests may have access to Wi-Fi and your 3-in1 router is included with this package offered. Because your needs are immediate - Customer Support is on the phone 24/7/365. Keep your business running smoothly with a respected leader - RCN Business Services.

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Up to 330.0 Mbps
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Up to 20.0 Mbps
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