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Frontier Simply Broadband Ultra


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Frontier Simply Broadband Ultra - Frontier's fast, reliable, high-speed internet at a great price! Shop online, play games, share photos, even download large files and work from home. Simply Broadband Ultra gives you extra speed to support multiple users and devices, and to watch TV and movies over the internet. Frontier Simply Broadband Ultra is great for families - Stay in touch via email and send photos and videos that upload in seconds. Social Networkers - Reach out to old friends and expand your professional network with this fast connection. Shoppers - Find the best prices with an up to 12 Mbps connection that lets you navigate the web with ease. Best for: Telecommuters, Multiple Devices, Social Media

Broadband Type: 
Fiber to the node
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Service For: 
Max Download: 
Up to 12.0 Mbps
Max Upload: 
Up to 1.0 Mbps
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