Comcast Bringing 2 Gig Fiber Internet Speeds To 18 Million Homes This Year

Today Comcast announced they will be rolling out 2-Gigabits-per-second (Gbps) speeds over fiber to 18 million homes by years end. Early word is Comcast is calling the new speed plan Gigabit Pro. The company says Gigabit Pro offers symmetical upload and download speeds at 2 Gbps.  Earlier this month DSLreports posted rumors that pricing for the new service will start at $300 a month.

The new fiber-to-the-home service is set to launch first in Atlanta, Georgia, then rollouts begin in California, Tennessee, Illinois, Florida, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado, and Texas. Comcast said that Gigabit Pro will be available to “those who live within one-third of a mile of a fiber node.” and recommended that customers call 855-740-0039 to see if their home is eligible.

Comcast has been doubling the capacity of its network at least every 18 months and, with the introduction of Gigabit Pro, the company has now increased speeds for its subscribers 14 times in the past 13 years.